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VIRUS SHIELD APP WAS A TOTAL RIPOFF Google has removed a short-lived, very popular, but very fake app from the Google Play Store. The Android-based app called “Virus Shield” had quickly climbed to the #1 spot and had brisk sales at $3.99 a pop. Over 10,000 people paid for, and downloaded the app, earning the […]

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Malaysia Jet


CRIES OF “WHERE’S THE PLANE?” CONTINUE As of this writing, Malaysian Airlines flight 370 has still not been found. However, searchers seemed to have been on to some promising leads. A “pinger locator” picked up multiple signals at the same frequency reportedly emitted by the “black boxes”, which, by the way, are actually orange in […]

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CT Ferry big


“…FERRY SANK!”…CONNECTICUT FERRY COMPANY SENDS FERRY BOGUS TWEET In our latest example of “Not So Tweet”® tweets, officials in Connecticut confuse the public and the press with bogus tweets as part of a “test”. It’s amazing how a taxpayer funded office can engage in such foolish behavior. Once again, the easy access to Twitter gets […]

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Malaysia Plane


COULD ADVANCED “BLACK BOXES” FIND MISSING FLIGHT? Anyone who loses an iPhone today can quickly go online to and find the location of their phone on a map in an instant. So, how does an airline lose a plane? Malaysian Airlines flight 370 vanished off of radar screens and no one seems to know […]

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OSCAR TWEET SHUTS DOWN TWITTER. VIRAL TWEET RE-TWEET-ED OVER 1.9 MILLION TIMES. Last night’s Oscar ceremony generated the most re-tweeted Tweet in history. Live, on national television, Ellen DeGeneres urged viewers to try to set a record for the most re-tweeted photo ever. DeGeneres succeeded hands down, no problem. With the challenge sent out to […]

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WHATSAPP GOES DOWN DAYS AFTER FACEBOOK PURCHASE. The WhatsApp app went down yesterday for an extended period of time, reportedly due to a faulty router. The outage of the ever-popular messaging app lasted four hours, the longest time the app has been down, this according to WhatsApp founder and CEO Jan Koum. One has to […]

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LINKEDIN FINALLY ALLOWS USERS TO BLOCK OTHERS. ONLINE PETITION CAUSES CHANGE. LinkedIn, the popular work / business / networking site, has finally added the ability to fully block another user, or users, who you do not want to be associated with. LinkedIn took a very long time to add this feature and only took action […]

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TRULY EPIC SOCIAL FAIL! JIMMY KIMMEL FOOLS THE PRESS AND PUBLIC… VIRAL KATE HANSEN “WOLF” VIDEO A TOTAL HOAX! It doesn’t get any better than this! This is a perfect example of the Tech Explosion and social media’s ability to fool people. Jimmy Kimmel pulled off an extremely elaborate hoax on the entire U.S. press […]

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web junkie3


CHINA FIRST TO LABEL INTERNET ADDICTION A “CLINICAL DISORDER”. NEW DOCUMENTARY AT SUNDANCE. Countries the world over are dealing with internet addiction among certain segments of their populations. China may be the first country to really take this on in a more serious way. China has recently labelled internet addiction, officially, as a “clinical disorder”. […]

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MOM ALWAYS SAID…STUDY HARD AND BECOME A DOCTOR! NOT ANYMORE!!! According to a new, US News study, “The 100 Best Jobs”, the Number 1 job in the United States today is: SOFTWARE DEVELOPER! Remember when Mom used to always say “Stay in school and study to be a doctor…or a lawyer.”? Today, with the Tech […]

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CODE WRITING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE HOTTEST FIELDS Technology is growing rapidly and our students need to be ready for the future they are going to face.  How different will the workforce be in the next 20 years for our elementary school kids? As a nation, we need to prepare our students with the training and […]

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U.S. ONE STEP CLOSER TO ENERGY “HOLY GRAIL”. FUSION REACTION A HUGE “LITTLE STEP”. The United States took a huge, yet baby-sized step, towards the innovation of harnessing nuclear fusion the other day. Basically, in the simplest terms, nuclear fusion is energy created by combining atoms. The nuclear power plants we have now, work with […]

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GROUPON TRICKS THE PRESS AND SOCIAL MEDIA. GROUPON MAKES BIG “MISTAKE” ….. NOT EXACTLY! The web and app-based discounter Groupon made a big “mistake” this past President’s Day weekend by implying that Alexander Hamilton was a U.S. President. Groupon offered a $10 discount to users, showcasing Hamilton on the $10 bill. Hamilton, of course, was […]

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Al Roker 2


AL ROKER SKEWERS NYC MAYOR VIA TWITTER. APOLOGIZES AFTER FOR “LOW-BLOW”. In Tech Explosion’s latest Not So Tweet® Tweet, Al Roker, arguably America’s most popular weatherman, attacked newly elected New York City Mayor, Bill DeBlasio yesterday. The reason? Snow and the fact that New York City kept its schools open during a snowstorm. Mr. Roker […]

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Win a meet up with Ben and Matt! Donate

Win a meet up with Ben and Matt! Donate! Check our Viral Today! section and view Ben and Matt’s video where they ask for your donations to their favorite charities. In exchange for a $10.00 donation, you get a chance to win a Hollywood meet up with both of them!

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Jeter CU


NO FACES OF PRESS! JUST FACE BOOK. NO PRESS CONFERENCE FOR JETER’S BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Derek Jeter announced his retirement a short time ago…..via Facebook! Clean and simple. With a few hundred strokes of his own computer keyboard. Done. In the past, an announcement this big would have meant an elaborate press conference with literally hundreds […]

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NYPD HEADING TOWARDS ROBOCOP STATUS? The New York City Police Department, NYPD, is field testing Google Glass as a potential aid in crime fighting. Google Glass is a wearable internet browser and communications device that has been beta-tested, for quite some time, as a pathway on the road to its widespread implementation. This is yet […]

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Not Happy: Samuel L. Jackson


REPORTER MISTAKES SAMUEL L. JACKSON FOR LAWRENCE FISHBURNE. A KTLA News reporter mistakenly mixed up Samuel L. Jackson for Lawrence Fishburne on live TV the other day. In an incredibly uncomfortable moment, the reporter asks Mr. Jackson about his involvement in a Superbowl commercial. You can see the dumbstruck look on Samuel’s face when he […]

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Coke Kids

Not So Tweet® Coke

CHECK OUT OUR LATEST “NOT SO TWEET®” TWEET. COCA-COLA AD SPURS RACIST BACKLASH ON TWITTER. If you haven’t yet checked out our regular feature “Not So Tweet”, please have a look today…and check back often. It’s odd that technology has enabled amazing advances, yet also allows bigots and fools a “soapbox” to spew hatred to […]

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Attention College Students and Entrepreneurs:  If you ever dreamed of starting your own business, here is an opportunity to get some advice and funding from an amazing program consisting of mentors with a passion to help startups succeed. 500 Startups provides early-stage companies with up to $250K in funding,  startup accelerator program, and unique events like SmashSummit, UnSexy, and […]

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