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Something Sweet

Tech-geeks and chocolate lovers, your sweetest dreams have come true. CocoJet, 3D Systems’ Hershey’s chocolate 3-D printing machine, is the “tastiest new technology featured at at CES 2015.” Let the sweet news melt on your mind for a minute. Mmmm, yes, there’s now a delicious machine that prints chocolate on-demand.  Imagine a MakerBot exclusively for […]

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KNOCKED OUT! CROOK KNOCKS HIMSELF OUT WITH BRICK! In an extreme case of instant karma, a crazed thief knocked himself out with his very own brick. The crook was seen caught on camera in this video that has gone viral. With the Tech Explosion leading to surveillance cameras everywhere, nothing is left to the imagination. […]

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UBER CELEBRATES PRESIDENTS DAY IN D.C. This past week, on President’s Day, Uber celebrated the day by offering Washington, D.C. riders the chance to coordinate multiple Uber Cars in an “Ubercade”. This offer was only available in the D.C. area. Users of Uber were notified about the offer directly. Of course, this lead to many […]

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VP BIDEN GOES VIRAL TODAY WITH CREEPY IMAGE In today’s world of the Tech Explosion, NOTHING goes unnoticed. In the latest gaffe by our beloved Vice President, Joe Biden has heated up the Internet by getting super cozy with the wife of the newest Defense Secretary….right as he’s being sworn in for duty! Totally nuts! […]

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UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER CREATES “HYDROPHOBIC” SURFACE   Two scientists at The University of Rochester have created a metal surface so water repellent, that water simply bounces right off the material. The scientists, Chunlei Guo and Anatoliy Vorobyev, used a method of laser-etching to create the new miracle surface. This new surface makes Teflon coatings look downright […]

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Apple Logo


DEVELOPER JOHN H. MEYER’S TAKE ON APPLE Fresco News Founder and CEO John H. Meyer has a unique take on Apple’s latest quarterly results. John H. Meyer has a very unique perspective on Apple’s latest record-breaking quarterly results. With revenue of over $74 billion dollars and profits of over $18 billion dollars, Apple has just […]

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Micro CarJPG


PRODUCT REVIEW: ZenWheels Micro Car The ZenWheels Micro Car is a really cool little gadget that will keep you entertained for hours and hours. The quality of this tiny little car is amazing. As you’ll see in his online review, Henry Meyer takes the Mico Car for a spin. ZenWheels Micro Car Review by TechTubeHDReviews […]

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Pizza guyJPG

$31,000 TIP!

PIZZA DELIVERY GUY GETS TIPS FROM THOUSANDS The power of The Tech Explosion reveals itself yet again! In an incredible turn of events, a pizza delivery guy in Massachusetts is receiving an avalanche of support from thousands of people who saw him in an online viral video. The deliveryman, Jarrid Tansey, who was seen being […]

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Fresco LogoJPG


FRESCO BUZZING IN PRESS Fresco, the new news startup, is continuing to create a buzz within the mainstream media. The 19-year old founder of FrescoNews, John H. Meyer, appeared yesterday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, live at 8:40AM. Mr. Meyer is presently being courted by numerous other media outlets for appearances as we write this piece. […]

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natalie 2


VANDALISM VICTIM GETS QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS The Tech Explosion giveth and the Tech Explosion taketh away, or vice-versa. In a heartwarming turn of events, a Ferguson, MO woman has received over $263,000 dollars in donations to help rebuild her bakery which was damaged in the riots following the Ferguson decision. This online outpouring of support is […]

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Goodman on Trial


JUROR IN POLO MAGNATE TRIAL WENT ONLINE A sequestered juror in a very high profile case has been caught going online with his laptop while back in his hotel room. Juror # 3 apparently could not resist checking in on his fantasy football league. Investigators say he visited the popular sports-tracking site “” as well […]

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Williams’ Daughter Leaves Twitter “For a Good Long Time” In a heartbreaking example of the negative side of the Tech Explosion, Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda Williams, has left Twitter “for a good long time”. A series of vicious tweets lead Zelda to send one last “sign-off” tweet before quitting the service. It’s the dark side […]

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R williams 2


Apple iPad Air Commercial Featured Robin Williams Monday was a very sad day for millions of people in the U.S. and all over the world. The very saddest thing is how someone as brilliant as Robin Williams could take his own life, although he touched so many people with his incredible gifts. Robin Williams entertained […]

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text phone


STUDENTS GETTING IN TROUBLE FOR “SEXTING” CHICAGO-AREA MIDDLE SCHOOLERS CHARGED WITH FELONIES. “FAKE” INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS WENT VIRAL. High school and middle school students across the country are increasingly getting themselves in trouble due to the Tech Explosion. With a technology that simply didn’t exist a few years ago, students are now running afoul of the […]

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Change your passwords TODAY! Russian hackers have obtained the personal information of over 1.2 billion people. That’s BILLION!!! With a capital B! It’s the downside of the Tech Explosion – our increasing reliance on everything tech makes our lives much easier, yet leads to an increased vulnerability – until someone invents a new way to combat […]

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New Service RENTS  Lego Sets! The Tech Explosion strikes again! Online ordering, fast shipping and personalized distribution is allowing parents a great way to keep their construction-loving kids engaged. A new service called Pley! is renting Lego sets to kids and keeping them occupied with new sets to build each month. This is an awesome […]

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TECH KILLZ! R.I.P. Super-8

Super-8 Was “IT” Way Back When… Once upon a time there was Super-8 film. It was a miracle when it was first introduced. Now it’s pretty much gone due to the Tech Explosion. In fact, my entire career was launched due to Super-8 film and a camera handed to me by my best friend’s dad. […]

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tech jobs


Jesse Jackson Claims Tech Unfair to Minorities According to a USA Today report, Jesse Jackson has called on the Obama administration this week, to take a look at what he claims is a lack of diversity in the tech industry. Statistics do seem to bear this out. It seems that there are a relative few […]

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States Offering Diplomas to Online Students Vote Below: Is Virtual High School a good idea? Feel free to post a comment as well. I happen to be traveling right now in Minnesota, shooting for a TV show. I’m so tuned in to anything relating to advances in technology, but this example of the Tech Explosion really […]

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THE VIDEO RENTAL STORE, R.I.P. Once upon a time, there was Blockbuster. He was the big boy, the biggest of the video rental stores. Sadly, he grew too big, too fast and lost all of his friends. Once he was the most popular video rental store in the country. Unfortunately he was sickened by a […]

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#PutInJail! Put Putin In Jail Now. From a technology standpoint, it’s become immediately obvious that Putin and Russian-backed separatists are fully responsible for the downing of the Malaysian Airlines jet. This has caused a tidal wave of online posts calling for action against the Russian leader. Many people have created Twitter hashtags, including #PutInJail! and […]

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VIRAL TODAY! MAN DIES AFTER POLICE CHOKEHOLD The New York City Police Department has launched an internal investigation into an incident in Staten Island, NY. In the latest Tech Explosion “Viral Today!” video, a video that has gone viral, a man is seen being arrested by being placed initially in a chokehold in order to […]

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Fireworks Drone Flights Get FAA Attention


FAA INVESTIGATES VIRAL FIREWORKS DRONE FLIGHTS The Tech Explosion has brought us a number of recent viral videos showing fireworks being shot by aerial drones. These viral videos have caught the attention of the FAA and possibly other agencies as well. Some of the videos were posted last week for July 4th, however, it seems that at […]

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VIRAL TODAY! Near Miss by two planes.


TWO PLANES HAVE A CLOSE CALL Thank goodness this did not lead to a real tech “explosion”! In this VIRAL TODAY! video, we see two planes get way too close to each other.   Video Courtesy Aerobarcelona   This video comes courtesy of Aerobarcelona and has gone viral today. This definitely does not help […]

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ADT Pulse


WITH ADT PULSE STAY SAFE AND SECURE WITH ADT PULSE REMOTE HOME SECURITY It seems we are all using our smartphones for pretty much everything now. We order food, call up a taxi, text, e-mail, take pictures, etc, etc. The Tech Explosion has brought us an endless number of ways to make life easier using […]

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Apple's iWatch Future


APPLE’S NEWEST ADS SET THE STAGE FOR ITS “WEARABLE VISION”. If you take a look at Apple’s latest ad campaign, you will see a not-so-subtle vision of Apple’s future plans for us all to become “one with our devices”. It’s the next step in our society’s total transformation via technology.     Try and count […]

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ANNUAL APPLE RITUAL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! Just Added:  (1:47PM PT, Monday) Apple “Inside WWDC!” Keynote attendees just got in a short while ago. Here, the doors are still locked, prior to their being opened to the masses who waited all night on the street. An unbelievable amount of preparation goes into this, both by Apple […]

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COKE’S CLEVER “CAP-MATING” MARKETING GOES VIRAL! “FREE” ADVERTISING TO 1 MILLION PEOPLE AND COUNTING Coke is no joke! In a super-clever marketing ploy, Coke has created a viral YouTube campaign based on a new bottle cap and a very well-shot YouTube video. It’s the Tech Explosion meets bubbly sugar water, creating million$ in free publicity […]

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Fresco ScreenshotsJPG


INTRODUCING FRESCO: FRESH, SHAREABLE NEWS, CROWD-SOURCED. A NEW iPHONE APP TO REVOLUTIONIZE NEWS. An in-depth look at the news industry and a new app that will change it forever. Exclusive: Tech Explorer Steven Lee’s Interview with Fresco News Founder John H. Meyer A revolutionary new iPhone app called Fresco is about to change the entire […]

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Google Self DriveJPG


Viral Today! GOOGLE’S NEW SELF-DRIVING CAR! Check out today’s viral video: Google’s new self-driving car. Google’s longterm project to create self-driving cars is a huge effort. For the past few years, Google has worked with several existing car models and retrofitted them with the equipment necessary to make them autonomous. They have driven tens of […]

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