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INTRODUCING FRESCO: FRESH, SHAREABLE NEWS, CROWD-SOURCED. A NEW iPHONE APP TO REVOLUTIONIZE NEWS. An in-depth look at the news industry and a new app that will change it forever. Exclusive: Tech Explorer Steven Lee’s Interview with Fresco News Founder John H. Meyer A revolutionary new iPhone app called Fresco is about to change the entire […]

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#PutInJail! Put Putin In Jail Now. From a technology standpoint, it’s become immediately obvious that Putin and Russian-backed separatists are fully responsible for the downing of the Malaysian Airlines jet. Video Shows Russian-made Missile Launcher Heading to the Russian Border #PutinJail Putin must bear the ultimate responsibility for this horrible act. The fact is that […]

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VIRAL TODAY! MAN DIES AFTER POLICE CHOKEHOLD The New York City Police Department has launched an internal investigation into an incident in Staten Island, NY. In the latest Tech Explosion “Viral Today!” video, a video that has gone viral, a man is seen being arrested by being placed initially in a chokehold in order to […]

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Fireworks Drone Flights Get FAA Attention


FAA INVESTIGATES VIRAL FIREWORKS DRONE FLIGHTS The Tech Explosion has brought us a number of recent viral videos showing fireworks being shot by aerial drones. These viral videos have caught the attention of the FAA and possibly other agencies as well. Some of the videos were posted last week for July 4th, however, it seems that at […]

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VIRAL TODAY! Near Miss by two planes.


TWO PLANES HAVE A CLOSE CALL Thank goodness this did not lead to a real tech “explosion”! In this VIRAL TODAY! video, we see two planes get way too close to each other.   Video Courtesy Aerobarcelona   This video comes courtesy of Aerobarcelona and has gone viral today. This definitely does not help […]

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ADT Pulse


WITH ADT PULSE STAY SAFE AND SECURE WITH ADT PULSE REMOTE HOME SECURITY It seems we are all using our smartphones for pretty much everything now. We order food, call up a taxi, text, e-mail, take pictures, etc, etc. The Tech Explosion has brought us an endless number of ways to make life easier using […]

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Apple's iWatch Future


APPLE’S NEWEST ADS SET THE STAGE FOR ITS “WEARABLE VISION”. If you take a look at Apple’s latest ad campaign, you will see a not-so-subtle vision of Apple’s future plans for us all to become “one with our devices”. It’s the next step in our society’s total transformation via technology.     Try and count […]

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ANNUAL APPLE RITUAL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! Just Added:  (1:47PM PT, Monday) Apple “Inside WWDC!” Keynote attendees just got in a short while ago. Here, the doors are still locked, prior to their being opened to the masses who waited all night on the street. An unbelievable amount of preparation goes into this, both by Apple […]

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COKE’S CLEVER “CAP-MATING” MARKETING GOES VIRAL! “FREE” ADVERTISING TO 1 MILLION PEOPLE AND COUNTING Coke is no joke! In a super-clever marketing ploy, Coke has created a viral YouTube campaign based on a new bottle cap and a very well-shot YouTube video. It’s the Tech Explosion meets bubbly sugar water, creating million$ in free publicity […]

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Viral Today! GOOGLE’S NEW SELF-DRIVING CAR! Check out today’s viral video: Google’s new self-driving car. Google’s longterm project to create self-driving cars is a huge effort. For the past few years, Google has worked with several existing car models and retrofitted them with the equipment necessary to make them autonomous. They have driven tens of […]

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Wolverine 2JPG


CRAZY DIY BUILDER MAKES PERFECT WOLVERINE CLAWS THIS IS NUTS! OK, so this guy seems to be a bit of a whack-job, but he deserves a job as a Hollywood Special Effects artist! Actually, I think he is just super excited about his accomplishment and loving every minute of it.   Posted on YouTube by […]

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BringBack Wrong


BOKO HARAM KIDNAPPINGS Q: “WHAT DOES TECHNOLOGY HAVE TO DO WITH THE BOKO HARAM KIDNAPPINGS?” A: “A LOT.” There are several tech-related oddities pertaining to the recent kidnappings of schoolgirls in Nigeria. The first tech-related issue is that today, messages of hate can be so easily transmitted throughout the world, in this case, the online […]

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Explorer 2


-INTERNET EXPLORER SECURITY FLAW- A Tech Explosion warning: If you are still using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as your browser, now may be the perfect time to try something else. This flaw is so potentially serious that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued a stern warning. The versions of Internet Explorer in use, and potentially […]

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-CONGRESSMAN GRIMM ARRESTED ON MULTIPLE CHARGES- The subject of one of our favorite viral videos has now been arrested. “Tough guy” Congressman Michael Grimm has been arrested by the FBI on charges that became the subject of a viral video Tech Explosion posted back in February in a piece titled “Grim State of the Union”. […]

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Skate Fall2JPG


VIRAL TODAY! FATHER KICKS SON DOWN SKATEBOARD HALFPIPE. Ouch! In a bizarre case of “tough love”, or described more appropriately, abuse, a father was caught on camera kicking his 6-year old son off of the edge of a fairly high skateboarding half pipe. The incident took place at Kona Skatepark in Arlington, Florida. Judging by […]

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youtube logo2


YOUTUBE TURNS 9 YEARS OLD YouTube turned 9 years old this past week, having started on April 23, 2005 with one simple upload of a video titled “Me at the Zoo”, by one of its co-founders Jawed Karim. Within a short span of 9 years, YouTube now has millions of videos posted each month that […]

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Be Disruptive logo


NYU $200K ENTREPRENEURS CHALLENGE AWARDS ANNOUNCED TOMORROW. Tomorrow, April 25, 2014, will bring an exciting finish to an 8 month long challenge put forth to potential entrepreneurs to “be disruptive”. NYU’s Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation sponsored a $200K challenge to get entrepreneurs to come up with businesses based on ideas that are disruptive, […]

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senator train2


VIRAL TODAY! U.S. SENATOR CLOSE CALL WITH TRAIN! The definition of Irony: “a situation that is strange or funny because things happen in a way that seems to be the opposite of what you expected.” In an hilarious case of irony, a U.S. Senator had a very close call with a speeding train during an […]

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IT’S NOT TOO LATE! CELEBRATE EARTH DAY WITH NASA. It’s not too late to get your Earth Day selfie to NASA and be included in their giant Earth Day project. NASA has put out a call for submissions to the entire world to submit selfies that they will “stitch” together into a massive image of […]

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Pope Selfie 1


POPE GOES HIGH TECH ON PALM SUNDAY The selfie craze continues unabated. Now we’ve seen everything! First it was President Obama taking a selfie while at the solemn memorial service for Nelson Mandela back in December, 2013. The urge to take a selfie was so strong that Obama smiled like a teenager along with Danish […]

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